CORNFELD Succession

With CORNFELD Succession, we realize succession solutions with foresight. We develop and maintain succession pools for specific key functions. Thereby we minimize the risks in succession planning early and effectively.

In contrast to executive search, where a solution is sought in the short term, CORNFELD Succession helps to prevent succession problems by looking ahead. Through CORNFELD Succession, we connect carefully selected, potential successors with decision-makers in leading companies over a longer term.

CORNFELD Succession was developed exclusively for our clients and is unique in its form. We identify shadow profiles, which we manage exclusively in company-specific succession pools. On request, we realize benchmarkings between company internal leaders and the successors we have developed.

Through our CORNFELD Circle, our clients receive online access to the succession pools we maintain. We organize regular meetings with selected potential successors.

CORNFELD Succession ensures that potential successors are always available for clearly defined key positions. This lets our clients sleep easy. The leaders we select have an excellent track record and are available as successors in the short or medium term.