CORNFELD Succession

With CORNFELD Succession, we realize succession solutions with foresight.

CORNFELD Succession stands for the planning and implementation of medium-term succession solutions. For our clients, we develop and maintain specific succession pools for key functions and minimize latent default risks in succession planning.

In contrast to executive search, where short-term solutions are usually sought, CORNFELD Succession provides forward-looking assistance to prevent concrete succession problems. Through CORNFELD Succession, we identify potential succession candidates at an early stage and maintain contact with them over the longer term in the interests of our clients.

CORNFELD Succession was developed in cooperation with leading companies and is unique in its form. It enables companies to carry out benchmarks between talented in-house managers and potential external successors at any time.

CORNFELD Succession offers executives and HR managers an excellent opportunity to organize succession issues in a forward-looking manner.

With CORNFELD Succession, succession arrangements become more predictable and easier to plan.

Leaders for tomorrow.

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