Board Consulting

At the highest organisational levels, CORNFELD offers support in achieving the optimal composition of the board of directors.

CORNFELD can draw on many years of executive search experience when it comes to direct search for and selection of future board members. Together with the board of directors, CORNFELD analyses the baseline situation and assesses the personalities, abilities and areas of competence of current and potential members. In addition to pertinent experience, qualities such as independent thinking, integrity, foresight and courage play an essential role in this respect. CORNFELD helps its clients to identify the relevant criteria and supports the board members in their endeavour to sustainably generate greater value for the shareholders.

CORNFELD keeps a very close watch on the ongoing changes being made in the field of corporate governance. We regard specific codes of conduct as necessary but we do not consider them sufficient in themselves. Only an independent line-up of outstanding personalities, capable of working synergistically as a team, can lead an organisation to real success.

Leaders for tomorrow.